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Concrete Forming

When it comes to installing and finishing a concrete floor or other construction element, people in the Miami-Dade and Broward County region have many options available. However, when you want to make certain that the job is done right, then you need to work with Topmix Concrete.

Topmix Concrete is your local expert when it comes to everything relating to concrete forming and finishing. We handle all jobs, large and small, for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Whether you need a new floor for your garage or a new parking lot for your business, Topmix Concrete is the experienced professional that you should call.

Customized Concrete Forming and Finishing Options

At Topmix Concrete, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We understand that your requirements may be unique when compared to everyone else’s. That’s fine because we happen to enjoy a challenge.

Plus, our many years of experience with forming and finishing concrete makes us the ideal service provider for your project. Chances are good that we’ve finished a similar project before, and if we haven’t, then we have the broad base of knowledge and experience that is required to get your job done right.

Utility or Style: The Choice Is Yours

Some concrete surfaces have to perform a specific function. They must be absolutely level and flat while also being strong enough to support heavy equipment. Outdoor surfaces must ensure proper drainage, and many projects are required to comply with various city and county codes.

Regardless of how exacting the specifications may be, Topmix Concrete has technicians who are trained to handle the job. With our extensive background in similar applications, we’ll stay ahead of the curve when it comes to planning your project down to the smallest detail.

If you’re looking for a finish on a concrete surface that’s practical and looks amazing, then you’ve come to the right place. The concrete masons at Topmix Concrete understand that while your floor may not need to withstand the demands of heavy construction equipment, it still needs to perform and be an eye-catching element in your space.

A polished concrete floor frequently is mistaken for a floor that’s made with a far more expensive material. With the ability to add all sorts of colors and effects, there’s a good chance that you’ve never seen a more beautiful surface than a concrete one that’s finished with a coat of polish.

Even better, that finished concrete helps to control dust, is easy to maintain and has a luxurious look. If you want to add some decorative elements as well, just ask. You’ll be surprised by how versatile and beautiful a well-finished concrete surface can be.

Let Topmix Concrete Help You

If you aren’t certain about whether or not a concrete surface is right for your application, then give Topmix Concrete a call. We’re always here to help with the installation, finishing and repair of concrete floors. No job is too big or too small in Miami-Dade County or Broward County for Topmix Concrete.


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