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Delivery & Pumping

If you’re working on a construction project that requires concrete, then give Topmix Concrete a call. We handle concrete delivery and pumping throughout both Miami-Dade County and Broward County.

Any job that involves concrete requires plenty of know-how and a lot of finesse. When poured the right way, a concrete floor can pretty much last a lifetime. However, one that’s executed poorly will require more than the usual maintenance and repairs. That’s why experience matters when it comes to concrete delivery and pumping.

Long gone are the days when a chute was used to pour concrete onto a construction site. The latest, most up-to-date equipment for concrete pours these days is a pump. It’s just about the only pouring method that reputable concrete flooring companies will use, and there are many reasons why.

Creating a Stronger Concrete Surface

When concrete was poured by chute, it had to be very wet. This meant that concrete that should have been able to withstand 3,000 PSI was only able to withstand 2,000 PSI under ideal conditions. The results were often disappointing, with many of these floors failing after just a few years of regular use.

However, when concrete is pumped into a construction site, you get the full strength of 3,000 PSI. You can run your heaviest equipment on it for years without ever needing major repairs.

More Efficient and Economical

Pumping also is faster and requires far less manpower. During the days of pouring concrete by chute, the chute itself had to be assembled and mounted, then a worker had to man the chute throughout the pour.

Additionally, because gravity is an essential component of chute delivery, it was necessary to park the truck in a raised location. A series of jacks may have been used to help with the process. This required even more time and manpower, not to mention the need to disassemble the whole thing when the job was done.

Pumping concrete eliminates all of these concerns. It enables far more control over the pour, and it requires far less manpower. Gravity is never an issue, so the truck may be parked wherever a good line of sight is provided between the pump and the pour site.

Greater Accuracy and Predictability

The modern concrete pump provides a predictable and steady speed of delivery. This means that there are fewer errors during the pouring process. It also translates to a more even set. You’ll even see far less waste.

Trust Topmix Concrete for Your Delivery and Pumping Needs

If you are planning a construction project of any size in Miami-Dade County or Broward County and you need concrete, then give Topmix Concrete a call. We are a local company with several years of experience with delivery and pumping concrete by the most efficient and trustworthy methods.

When you need to get a concrete job done right, contact Topmix Concrete. Our expert technicians are prepared to give you the guidance, advice and finished product that you need.


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